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Pick -Up and Delivery

Orders can be picked up or delivered during the times below.

MONDAY: Closed

TUESDAY - FRIDAY: Based on availability

SATURDAY: 9 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. ; Based on availability

Delivery starts at $25 for areas within 12 miles of the zip code 20744.  We prefer not to deliver farther than 30 miles from the zip code 20744, but may fulfill certain delivery requests based on availability.

When receiving your order, please wear a face mask to keep both you and our staff safe.  For deliveries, we ask that you continue to place a small table or chair outside your front door for one of our staff members to place your order on.  For larger orders, we will work with you and make the  necessary adjustments for a safe delivery.


All products must be transported in an enclosed, air-conditioned vehicle with a flat/level surface on which to place the product.  We are not responsible for the condition of products due to the effects of outdoor weather conditions, table on unleveled ground, loose items falling/hitting products, wind blown items (e.g., dirt, leaves, or branches), sunlight, insects and other wildlife. It is understood that products such as icings, fillings, cake decorations, etc. may not hold up and can not be insured past satisfactory delivery.


We do not use preservatives in any of our goods. We recommend keeping our products refrigerated in their bakery box or an airtight container - for up to three days - until thirty minutes to an hour before serving. Any left-overs should also be refrigerated in either an airtight container or bakery box wrapped in cling film.  Condensation may form during refrigeration, depending on temperature and humidity; this is normal and will not adversely affect the product, and will generally subside when left at room temperature for about thirty minutes to an hour.

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