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Pricing for orders varies depending on size, servings, detail and the complexity of the design.  All payments must be made electronically through our PayPal business processing system.  All other forms of payment are not accepted.  A 50% non-refundable and non-transferable retainer fee* is due at the time the invoice is issued, unless stated otherwise within the payment details section of the quote or invoice.  All payment due dates are outlined in the payment details section of the quote or invoice, and are final.  Payment of the retainer and/or total amount due acknowledges that you have read, understood, and agree to our polices, terms and conditions. Orders placed less than 4 weeks from the date of pick-up or delivery, must be paid in full at the time the invoice is issued. Payment for the remaining balance is due 4 weeks before the pick-up or delivery date or less depending on the date in which the order was placed.  Sweet Elevations reserves the right to cancel orders due to non-payment and can not guarantee availability thereafter.



As a courtesy, an automated reminder will be sent to the email address and cellphone number provided if payment has not been made.  If payment is not made on the due date stated within the reminder email or text, we (Sweet Elevations) reserve the right to cancel the order due to non-payment and can not guarantee availability thereafter.  


All cancellations must be requested at least 14 calendar days (1 month for weddings) prior to the pick-up or delivery date.  Should the client decide to cancel, the client must email a cancellation letter to us (Sweet Elevations) explaining the reason for cancellation.  A credit on the account (not including the retainer fee and cost of any items purchased to fulfill the order) to use towards a future order up to 6 months from the date the cancellation letter was received will be given. If the client fails to provide an email explaining the reason for cancellation, the credit will not be applied to their account.


When an order is placed, we (Sweet Elevations) have to consider the cost of materials and/or ingredients. In most cases we (Sweet Elevations) can not obtain refunds for items already purchased. In addition, we (Sweet Elevations) has to consider any business that was lost because your order was secured on our (Sweet Elevations') calendar.


In the event that a wedding is cancelled, we (Sweet Elevations) will honor the order for a later date if the date is available. 


We (Sweet Elevations) will ask to confirm that the order is correct including the design, spelling, color shades, cake flavor, etc. during the initial ordering process and during the pick-up or delivery of the order.  Once the client’s order has been picked up or delivered, it is considered to be "ACCEPTED BY THE CLIENT".  All orders are the responsibility of the client once the order leaves our (Sweet Elevations') possession.  

If a client is not pleased with their order, they may qualify for a credit if the complaint is brought to our (Sweet Elevations') attention within 24 hours of pick-up or delivery, and the quality (design, spelling, color, flavor, texture, etc.) is determined to not meet our standards.  Quality determination is solely at the discretion of Sweet Elevations. Please understand that we (Sweet Elevations) will not give credit for orders that have been completely eaten. A credit will not be considered for clients that do not contact us (Sweet Elevations) within 24 hours of pick-up or delivery.  

Refunds requested due to decorating style, writing, color shade, or general design will not be honored.  Refunds requested due to flavor or texture after the product has been accepted, will also not be honored.  Flavors and textures are subjective. 

If a client does not pick up their order, a credit will not be given.

*RETAINER FEE must be paid in full to secure your requested date on our calendar and for our services (planning and preparation, and the purchasing of items needed to fulfill the order).

UPDATED May 11, 2022

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