"She believed she could, so she did!"



Alicia's mother Mimi Hemphill, would often bake pound cakes and zucchini bread with the perfect crust, soft ginger snap cookies and sweet potato pies in their home on top of a little hill in Temple Hills, Maryland.  


During Alicia's younger years, she never stood over her mother while she baked, but always inquired about what and how much of certain ingredients her mother would put in her baked goods.  As she got older, she began to ask questions here and there and watched from afar.  Her mother rarely had a cookbook out on the kitchen counter and just used her best judgement to make the best baked goods for the family.  

Alicia's first love has always been education, and wanted nothing more than to be a teacher.  She went to college, earned her Masters in Education, and then went on to obtain a certificate in school administration.  Education has always been her first love, but her love of baking followed close behind.  

In the Fall of 2018, Alicia took more of an interest in baking and began baking multiple baked goods for family members and friends while juggling both her full time job and going through the phases of starting her own baking business.  She would find herself frequently visiting bakeries just to observe their various techniques and cake options.  She would find herself walking down the baking aisles in stores, watching videos on how to add her artistic abilities to her baked goods and would even research the best ingredients that would create the best crumb or flavor for her baked goods. 


With inspiration from her mother and motivation from various family members, friends and colleagues, during the month of December 2018, Alicia decided to follow her passion for baking and opened her very own home baking business in Fort Washington, Maryland. She named it Sweet Elevations Cakes and More.

Alicia has had the opportunity to create various custom desserts for a wide range of clients, most recently for the Beyond the Blackout 2 event, hosted by LaJoy Plans and Bright Occasions at the Larz Anderson House in Washington, D. C. 


"I love cake! What more can I say!"